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About 160 pounds of dry-aged local beef. You will want to have about 14 cubic feet of freezer space available.


If you decide to place an order you can pay at pickup. Select pay in-store at checkout. We will contact you when we have your slaughter date secured. Your share will be available 2.5 weeks after the slaughter date. 

Contact us for more details!

1/2 Beef Share

    • Our Meat Is Always Grain-Fed, USDA Prime Quality
    • Our Meat Is Dry Aged For At Least 14 Days To Ensure Extraordinary Flavor
  • All shares will include a variety of steaks, roasts, and ground beef. The cuts usually consist of 20-25% Steaks, 25-35% Roasts, Stew Meat & and 40-50% Ground Beef.

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