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About 70-80 pounds of dry-aged local beef. You will want to have about 8 cubic feet of freezer space available.


If you decide to place an order you can pay at pickup. Select pay in-store at checkout. We will contact you when we have your slaughter date secured. Your share will be available 2.5 weeks after the slaughter date. 

Contact us for more details!

1/4 Beef Share

    • Our Meat Is Always Grain-Fed, USDA Prime Quality
    • Our Meat Is Dry Aged For At Least 14 Days To Ensure Extraordinary Flavor
  • All shares will include a variety of steaks, roasts, and ground beef. The cuts usually consist of 20-25% Steaks, 25-35% Roasts, Stew Meat & and 40-50% Ground Beef.

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